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I got my new Canon 600D yesterday and I’ve been experimenting on stuff and basically just taking shitloads of photos (that I don’t want to edit, cause I’m lazy like that). Anyway, my sister performed a Chinese traditional dance at SM Marikina for their school’s celebration of the Chinese New Year. Prep and the gradeschoolers were the cutest among them all. :3

We had dinner at Gumbo last night, right after getting the new cam. 🙂 All meat pizza was delicious!

View from where we were seated at Gumbo.

Here are the cutesy kids from the Chinese New Year event at SM Marikina. Their shiny guitars were quite cool.

My sister + her classmates in action. I did their hairstyles, too!

Another traditional dance from another year level.

Kung Fu Fighting kids! Heehee, they were the last ones to perform. Cutest among all!

And, voila, on our way home. 🙂


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Hello, New Obsession.

I’ve decided, just recently to obsess on Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT. He deserves his new folder in my Whatnot folder in my hard disk. I’ve collected 157 photos in a span of two days. I’ve made him my desktop background, my phone wallpaper and my phone screensaver.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I’ve gathered, mostly from fuckyeahandrewvanwyngarden.tumblr.com

And a lot lot more but this GIF is the cutest among all.

Anyway, enough of the Andrew Obsession for now.

Here’s what I’ve been editing for the past few days.

The sun was beautiful.

My family went to my cousin’s rest house at Antipolo and the view was nice. I had the chance to bond and reconnect with my cousins while watching The Baker King and playing Bingo.

This is my nephew, Zach. He’s really cute. I took this shot right before we strolled along the village not far from their rest house.

This is me. My sister took this shot. I looked funny so I cropped out my face. So here you go, pretentious silly me. :>

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