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Just to get me in the mood

A French playlist while I study for my French test tomorrow.

Alright, must study then!


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For Sarahdoe~

Just because I miss you, here’s a bunch of songs that we love to scream along to.

1. Taken for a Fool – The Strokes
—With matching Julian gestures from the video
2. Something About Us – Daft Punk
—The shortness of it makes us want more
3. Lovefool – The Cardigans
—Her voice is just so sexy
4. C’mere – Interpol
—Oh god, this song. We just love singing along with this.
5. Lucky You – The National
—Or wait, it can also be Slow Show or Sorrow then, it makes us sad.

Is it because our schedules are clashing or are you just busy with your thesis or is time and fate just not allowing us?

I miss you, doe! :<

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