My mom bought an iPad last Friday because according to her, she’s attending a conference on March and she doesn’t want to bring a laptop cause it’s additional baggage for her. Oh well, I won’t complain. I’m in charge of adding apps anyways, so why would I complain.

I downloaded Lemecam. It’s so amazing, I love it. Here are some photos I took using its effects.

(Taken last January 28, 2012.)

I went to a Street Art Workshop this afternoon with Gerilya Crew. They made us do our own street art and I collaborated with Khim and Kevin. 🙂 Here’s our very own artwork.

This is the Gerilya Crew in action. This is part of their next project Bangkeros. (I hoped I remebered that right.)

Others in action. 🙂

And the best of all the artworks…

If Gerilya will like the outputs, we’ll see it on the street! Yay.

Also, earlier in class, I was bored, as always. So, I took photos!


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